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Easily send emails written in Notion. Integrates with your favorite tools.

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Frequently asked questions

Which services NotionMailer will support?

We currently plan to support: Mailerchimp & MailerLite.

You are free to suggest other services as well. (DM us on Twitter)
We'll check if integration with them would be possible.

How can I automate email sending?

We have Zapier on our roadmap! πŸš—

Is this project limited to Newsletter use-case?

No. You can use it for any kind of emails.
Example: campaigns, newsletters, etc.

Does this project uses Notion API?

Yes! We use Notion API to get page blocks and data.

How it works?

To make email from Notion, we develop custom render engine which built specifically for email standards and has superpower of Notion! ✨

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